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Now there is a thought that we can all say arises more often than we would like. What if I had listened, what if I had taken the chance, what if I had gone, what if I had said something, what if, what if, what if…. Frustrating isn’t it? 


Today I would like to share my story with you, the sad thing about this story is that this will not be the first time I would have shared it with you… Today I watched a movie called *What if*… it was about a man that was madly in love with a Christian girl, they were planning on a life in the ministry together after his trip for a business course he felt he needed to take in order for them to be able survive as a side line when they got into full time ministry. A couple of years went by and he had everything at his finger tips, a perfect finance (not the same girl he had ministry plans with), he was a business partner at the largest bank, he had the best car and all that most people dream to have today and no relationship with God.


This man was taken by God and taken to the “What if” life, he was married to the girl that he had those ministry plans with, he had two kids, he was a pastor at a small little church and as broke as anything. He found it so hard to fit into this life, all he could tell people was how important money was etc after a long journey he realized that this is the life he wanted, he had never felt this kind of love and joy he had been fulfilled with, he had never seen more of a meaning to life.. God spoke to me… my dear friends there are so many of us that got a second chance from God, you did not have to be in an accident like myself, you did not have to have a near death, you did not have to lose anything. God has called you in His own personal way, no one will be able to tell you when, how or where, your relationship with God is so personal that you will know all the answers to those questions.


I was in a car accident 3 years ago this year and this year has been the most spectacular year out of the three, God has shown me so many things apart from this movie that I watched today, I forgot how blessed I am, how His grace and favor was and has been on my life. I sit today thinking what if… I had taken this opportunity that God has given me and I had given myself over to Him, sacrificed myself to Him and followed Him.. where would I have been today, where would I have been in my life and what big things could I have done for Him… what if… what if… what if…  brothers and sister wake up!!! Hear me out, let us not live under that line anymore, let us not wonder anymore, let us not ignore this message, let’s make that change and live pass what if.. let us Make that change and think and live in WHEN IT HAPPENS…. :) who is with me? No one wants to regret, no one wants to wonder out of frustration!!!


Brothers and sisters, every time I have backslid I have found that I am the most emptiest person, I am the most unhappy, I am far from what I want to be and I live in pain. I have tried to believe that there is some form of happiness in all of the parties and worldly joys. God never left me, I heard Him call for me when I was in tears, I felt Him hold me when I was alone and hopeless…it’s when I said “yes Lord, I give you a chance after my failure” that I felt not within a month, a week, a day or a night, it was within a second that my world was turned upside down!! God lit me up and started working within me straight away, God brought people into my life the very next day, He blessed me the entire week with all that I had been so hurt by and He provided me with all that He knew I needed…


Brothers and sister God is REAL, He is as real as this keyboard I am typing on, He is with you as you read this and He is sitting there with His arms open… all He wants is for you to ask Him… just one little line my friend “Jesus please help me, Jesus take over I am tired of failing”. He does not want you to beg, He does not want to take control where you do not want Him, he does not want to force Himself on you, He wants you to ask Him. It’s that easy!!!! It’s not too late, it’s right now my friends, and it’s right now….. Give yourself to Him. He wants YOU!!!! He loves YOU!!!


Daddy, I want to thank You for bringing this peace to me today, thank You for that message today and most of all Lord I want to thank You for giving me a second chance. Dear Lord the last week Your presence in my life could not have been more real, more clear and more great, Jesus please take over, I give myself to You, I no longer want to live in the world of “what if…” I want to live for when it happens in Your timing, I want You Lord. I pray that this message touches these people reading it, there are so many of us that long for You and their struggling Lord, this world has a hold on our flesh and we want to break free, we do NOT want to live the What if life anymore Lord, we are ready for the when it happens life!! Thank You Lord for giving us that strength, we claim it now in Jesus Name!! Amen


God loves you my brothers and sisters*

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