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Today, I realise just once again how empty this world is. People giving their word can let you down, friends and family can stab you in the back when you least expect it, earthly materials can only make you happy for so long, earthly love is only enough for so long, everything around you is temporary. God well, God is EVERLASTING, ETERNAL, FOR EVER, ALWAYS!!!! He takes us through seasons to wake us up but many will see it as a curse and question God, there are few that will see the blessing in these hurdles or what some may call mountains, just remember one thing my friend, faith can move mountains :)

It's been said the Bible says "fear not" 365 times, how many more do you need to hear it? The devil has a way to make us doubt and qustion God. I was given a beautiful note by my mother when I was once very confused, had loss of faith and didn't know which direction to turn, I carry this note with me every day, it remind me how important it is to sacrifice this world and all we are in it to the Lord in full, I will share it with you, I believe it will do the same for you. God bless (note below)

"There was a man with a beautiful duplex house, it had 5 bedrooms on the top and bottom floor of the house. One day Jesus knocked on his door (a very gentle knock) the owner of the house opened the door. Jesus asked if He may enter the house and the man welcomed Him in and gave Jesus the best room upstairs in his house. He felt so happy that Jesus would stay by him, in his house. The next day there was was a knock at the door with a loud racked, the man wondered who it could be and opens the door. Can you guess who it was? Yip it's the old devil. He put upon the man every temptation thinkable and everything that's ugly. By night time the devil left and the poor man was left exhausted and despondent. He thought to himself, wait and minute! Jesus stays here en did not even help him. He will immediately ask Jesus why He did not help him when the devil had done all he had to him. He then went up the stairs and asked Jesus why He did not help him. Jesus answered him and said, "My child you only gave me one room in your house and kept nine other rooms to yourself". The man then understood and told Jesus that He could have the whole upstairs floor then it would be 50/50. Jesus is a gentleman and said thank you. The following morning there was someone knocking on the door with a huge and aggressive racked, the young man got a fright and said "Oh no", he knew it was the devil and so he was very frightened. Maybe it is my neighbour, he thought and decided to open the door just to peek. Yip, it is the devil again, the man tried to close the door quickly but the devil already has his foot in the door and hit the man with struggles, temptations and everything that's bad happened to the man. by the evening time he eventually got the devil to get out of his house. He was again exhausted and all he wanted to do was give up... then he remembered that he gave the whole upstairs floor to Jesus and ran up the stairs to Jesus and asked Him whether He did not hear that he screamed and called out and why Jesus did not help him. Jesus said to him "My child why are you not giving me your whole house, then I don't stay with you anymore but you stay with me?" The man took out his house key from his pocket and said "God, I give my house to You, here is the key, Lord you are now in control and I now stay in Your house" The following morning someone knocks on the door with a racked. The man as white as a sheet, knew it was the devil, he waited a while, he doesn't have the key to the door anymore and and isn't the owner of the house anymore. Suddenly, he hears footsteps in the house coming down the stairs, and Jesus the King of Kings walks towards the door and opens the door widely. Yes, its the devil again!!! The man jumps up and down behind Jesus to see what will happen. When the devil saw Jesus, he lowered very lowly to the floor and said "Sorry I am at the wrong house" and walked away very quickly. If God is for us, who can be against us?

Many of us, give Jesus 10% or 50% of our house whilst we are still in control of the rest our lives. Many give Jesus 9 out of 10 rooms and on door number 10 is written "Strictly Private" in that room that no one knows of is all the unrighteous sins. Maybe its stolen money, lies, pornografie or whatever sins they may be locking in that room. But the eyes of Jesus is like flames of fire and sees everything. Many people reckon they really love God and God knows their hearts but God CANNOT go gainst His own word and if people are not living righteously with His word then they will go lost. It doesnt matter how convinced you are in your heart that you are right with God and that you will inherit Heaven one day, if you are not living according to the word of God, it doesnt matter how you feel. The Bible says there will be many that will tell God "God we did all these good things in Your Name" etc but God will say "I never knew you, go away from me" If our whole lives is not given over in full to God then we will NEVER see Him. Many want to serve God in their own way and for their own convenience but there is only one way!!!! God honours worship and answers prayers. Sometimes people are too scared that they will lose someone like their boyfriend, husband, friends or parents if they give their lives to the Lord 100%. If anyone loves or choose someone or something above God, then you are not God worthy and you will NEVER see the Kingdom. There is no inbetween way, you either live fully for God, obey Him and get lead through His Holy Spirit or be lost. Everyone has a free will to give Jesus the key to our lives and to let Him have control. The Bible says think of all that is beautiful and lovely and your thinking will change. Pray everyday that God renew you and the mind of Christ.

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