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 Dear brothers and sisters I have had this discussion more then once this month and I think that this message will be an eye opener for you as it has been for me too in a lot of levels.So it started off with someone telling me that they have lost faith forever, that they can never gain it again, those of you laughing or waving it off.. SHAME ON YOU, for you were also there at one stage, you too were not aware of God’s unfailing love, grace and mercy whether it was believing you could never have faith again or something completely different.. it’s the same thing in God’s eyes!! Moving on to something else we think in flesh we are so wise about is *SIN*.. I have had someone try compare their sin with mine to show me how much worse their past is compared to mine so that I may see why they are not wrthy of our loving Father… oh don’t act so shocked now, I know that I did this up to not too long ago and I am sure we do this even though we are not always aware of it.. Dear friends, God sees ALL sin the same too.. Whether one is sleeping around *selling their body* being on drugs hurting people for their addiction and drinking themselves into a coma everyday does not make them any worse then some one that lies and steals . God does not compare and He most definitely was not compromising the 10 commandments when He gave them to Moses.. God did not make the one commandment worse then thee other but said that if any commandment should be broken that it be sin. (Exodus 20) Read it my brothers and sisters please do yourself a favour for we seem to all be so deceived, we all make our sins okay, we make our sins better looking in flesh looking at others sins and thinking *well I’m not that bad* Think again, God sees ALL sins the same!!! (Jesus said to them, “You are the kind of people who make yourselves look good before other people. God knows your hearts. What men think is good is hated in the eyes of God.” Luke 16:15)What we see in flesh and what we should see in the Spirit are two very different things, let us try and remind ourselves about this, instead of making it okay. For how do we witness to the lost if we ourselves are still thinking in flesh and not in Spirit what makes us different from them?? When you hear someone saying that they have lost faith that they can never again regain think of how you once felt unworthy and encourage them like someone once encouraged you in your time of being lost.. And witness, tell them about how you grew in Christ and how you have come to think passed what the devil made you once believe the same. And to those that try and compare their sins with you STOP them right there and then and tell them the truth, tell them how God sees ALL sins the same, tell them that God does not look back at your past and recalls your sins for He set them apart from you East to the west *Thank You Jesus* Tell them how Jesus can wash your sins away with His blood, tell them that God forgives you within the same time you asked and said thanks. Let us bless others with the knowledge we are blessed with and to those that know, let us remind them, come on friends we are ALL God’s children we are ONE let us all work, talk and walk together as ONE!!!*STOP PRETENDING LOOKING THROUGH FLESH AND START LIVING THE REALITY LOOKING THROUGH THE SPIRIT**“Then I will put clean water on you, and you will be clean. I will make you clean from all your unclean ways and from all of your false gods. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. I will take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” EZEKIEL 36:25-26* Romans 6:6-7Ephesians 1:7Galatians 5:24*“There are people who are pure in their own eyes, but are not washed from their own dirt. There is a kind, O, how proud are his eyes!” Proverbs 30:12-13**“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to good teaching” Proverbs 12:15*

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