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 There are so many of us that are guilty of this, and many of us that deny our convicted hearts when we are silent in the time that the Lord told us to be loud.


As we all know God works in mysterious ways, He gives us a word through many different things, through people, a movie, a song, an image, a dream, a verse in the Bible, at church, a vision and many other things that people have experienced that we may not even know about, cause God is never predictable.. His ways are precious and very mysterious, He never fails to surprise us with His ways. But my message today is *silence*.. how many of you have been silent about a word God has given you and to give to others, I’m talking about sitting in a church with hundreds of people *for an example* and God makes your heart beat so fast, God is telling you to go in front of all those people and share what God has put on your heart..? Have you ever disobeyed Him in Spirit cause it seemed too simple to you, it seemed like something that is not that important, it seemed like something that would make you look silly instead of people praising you for the message, or your flesh took over that fire God has put inside of you cause you were too shy?


I know that I have been guilty of this, there were many times where God made my heart beat so fast, my hands shake and made me so anxious to share the word that was meant for someone*specially if their an unbeliever* or a crowd of people and wow have I regret my silent lips, it had convicted me for a long, long time so long that I wish I could back and do it all over again, or have the opportunity to be able to do it again. Ring a bell? God uses us as His instruments sometimes I find that he uses us more then anything else, and instead of rejecting that honour that He has blessed us with we should embrace it and praise Him for using us. My dear brothers and sisters it’s such a big deal when God used you for His mighty ways and you will feel it when you actually obey Him and do as you are told. I remember sitting at church the one night and we were all discussing godly things in a group, I had a dream the night before that God had given me a very powerful message in for the difficult time that I was going through and never imagined it to be for anyone else but me.. only to find to my surprise I had God telling me to share this word with the group that I was sitting in. I thought I knew exactly who it was for and why I had to share it, only to find someone message me from that group thee very next day *my pastor* thanking me for sharing the word with him. I was shocked, I had no idea the message was for him and not the person I thought that seemed so in need of what I had shared even more I could not believe that I could have a word for my pastor.


God works in mysterious ways even when you think you have it all figured out He will surprise you with something completely different, something better then our simple minds had tried to sum up. Just like you desire a word from God there are many others that desire and sometimes need it more desperately then we do, so my dear friends when God tells you to share something, *DO IT*.. it doesn’t matter if it is something that you had happen to you a week ago, a year ago or even 10 years ago.. someone may be going through something that you had already happen in your life and could do with how God got you out of it, or a message God had given you, it may be thee simplest gesture that God will use, God knows what He is doing, who are you to question Him and what He asks of you? Be obedient in the Spirit and you shall be blessed.. God is good onto those who obey and seek Him. The devil be sure to try and stop you from this using your flesh, your past to try open old wounds God had already healed and many other things that he knows make you weak, that is when you WILL be loud my friend you WILL fulfill what God has asked of you and put the devil where he belongs *under your feet* and not in control of you!!! Break free from that, that holds you of all that is good and blessed for your life!!! Break free from those silent lips, for being silent is being disobedient!!!


My dear brothers and sisters God is with you as He asks you to do things for Him as His instrument, He holds your hand through every step, He will never leave you, He loves you more then anyone could ever love you, hand yourself over to Him fully and enjoy thee adventure my friend for it is a ride that you will never experience in your life other then with Him. But mostly I want you all to remember that if there are people that praise you for the message you had given them or something that you did by God’s command DO NOT TAKE GLORY, BUT GIVE GLORY TO HIM for without Him you would be nothing but weak flesh and you would have done the work of the Lord all in vain, God will not bless you for taking credit when you should have given glory onto Him!!  


Lord we come before you today to give thanks, Lord we may not always realize the honour we should have for the things that you use us in flesh to do, but today we would like to make that change, we take pride in our journey with you Lord and we thank you for trusting in us as simple humans to do Your will Lord, we patiently await the next opportunity that You have for us Lord, we seek it Lord, we seek Your work and Your ways in our lives, we repent for those times our lips were silenced by the devil, today we have heard the word Lord and our eye’s have been opened, we shall no longer hold back but , we will march forward with You being by our side every step of the way, we trust in You as you have trusted in us to do Your will Lord, give us the strength the courage and inspiration to do as You ask Lord. Thank You Lord we praise Your Name in Jesus Name amen!!!


God can use thee simplest people to give us word, people you least expect :)

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Comment by Lindsey Nicole on October 19, 2011 at 3:22pm
Thank you so much! I pray God uses you to do miraculous things in your life! Thanks for your support! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!
Comment by Immelde Botha on October 19, 2011 at 1:28am
My sister :) it is such a pleasure :) I am honored to do the work of the Lord and these responses are just wonderful confirmations to me that it does go a far way to write these blogs :) I pray that your journey on this subject goes successful for you and cannot wait for you to feel the reward of the burning fire when you have obeyed in that time God had given you a task :) God bless xox
Comment by Lindsey Nicole on October 18, 2011 at 10:42pm
This blog was totally amazing. It gave me chills just reading it. This has happened to me before, actually more than once where i feel God's prescence, but I ignore His calling. i regret it now, but this blog helps so much! thanks for allowing God to use u like this! Have a blessed day!!
Comment by Adelia on September 8, 2011 at 8:02am

Yup luck fish! I hanvent actually been there but my friens have and they say its awesome! And just looking at the pics on google makes me jelous!

Nope, sorry, I dont hav facebook :(:(:( Wish I did though.

(dit was nou so stupid, jy se jy is afrikaans en daar gaan ek en ek tik di hele ding in engels, lol)

Comment by Immelde Botha on September 8, 2011 at 5:15am
:) Lucky fish? I assume you've been here and like it? Yes I am afrikaans, the surname does give me away hehe, do you have Facebook? Maybe we can catch up on there if you look up just my name without the surname you'll find there is only one :) x
Comment by Adelia on September 8, 2011 at 2:14am
Lucky fish!!! I kinda figured you were South african. I live in Kempton Park. Are you afrikaans?
Comment by Immelde Botha on September 8, 2011 at 1:08am
I live in Amanzimtoti :) where are you from? x
Comment by Adelia on September 7, 2011 at 11:03am

Thanx, Immelde? Where do you live?

Comment by Immelde Botha on September 7, 2011 at 8:33am
:) My sister, it's never too late, give glory to Him now ;) and feel the regret leave you. x
Comment by Adelia on September 7, 2011 at 7:28am
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! For letting God use you, for posting this blog. I had an experience recently where I had the chance 2 witness 2 someone. I did take it but I didnt give God the glory. I regret it, I really do.  

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