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Dear brothers and sisters, today I would like to share with you a testimony that I had experienced today, a prayer... not just any prayer, a prayer that changed my life forever!!!

My church made a list for us to fill our names into, a time set so that we may pray out loud with a partner for an hour, and every hour there will be a prayer said... My boyfriends mum and I have been sharing God with one another since the day we met *I am blessed* and I had told her a fear that I have only very recently figured... one that is so pathetic yet I found to my surprise that I am not the only one with this fear... a fear of praying out loud when others are in our precense...

She had filled out my name on the list and I got a knot in my stomach stright away but put up a smile and said that it would be something to look forward to.. this whole week I have had my mind working over time on how I could possibly get myself out of this situation, how I could find an excuse of some form to get out... during the coarse of the week "God is going to rock South Africa" BBM group *please add me if you would like to join in on God's very active and inspiring little group* (20D3ED31) there has been many people asking for prayers, even myself and brothers and sisters we really take the fact that we can pray for granted, we forget how much power prayer really holds!!! We had the group praying for some of the individuals that had asked to be prayed for and within the next day or sometimes even the same day we had responses to tell us how God has blessed them!!! "Thank you Jesus"

Other people got inspired by these prayers that have had answers to them and started appraoching, becoming more and more active by the day, seeing and hearing more and more mericales happen :) AMEN!! My day had finally come, where I had to pray out loud infront of two people.. I was scared to death... no jokes.. I did not know where to hide, what to say as an excuse, I felt maybe I should prepare a prayer it was just thee worst fear I have ever encountered I think... how rediculous I sound right now... The hour hit and there I was, sitting at a table with only my boyfriends mum (my boyfriend was not there for a reason).. believe it or not I hit off with prayer, I did not stop for nothing, I had to give the person I was prying with a turn with prayer in between but I could not wait for my turn to be next, I worshiped the Lord in prayer, we felt the precense of the Lord in that room with might.. He was touching us, He was working within us... O Lord you are wonderful!!!

My worst fear actually became my most exciting moment, I have a desire to pray out loud for all now, I cannot wait for the next oppertunity to do just that :) Brothers and sisters for those of you that have that same fear, do not be ashamed to admit this like I have, rather take a step up and be gifted with an amazing power!!! Do not worry if you think that you pray like a child, do not seek high words that sound "wow" do not try pray like others for God knows what is truly on your heart and there is no professional way to pray to God, some may use fancy words, some may really sound like a child, some may sound mysterious, we are all different and God knows all of our hearts, He knows what it is yo are about to say even before you have asked * Before you call I will answer; while you are still praying I will hear.* Isaiah 65:24 So do yourself a favour and get out there and rebuke the devil from what he holds on you... for you hold power my friend...

Lord I come to you tonight with a special request, I pray that people have been touched by this message tonight, that this had encouraged them to be even more loud then they were before Lord, I pray that they feel at peace the way that You put me at peace Lord, that they will know that no matter what word are used in a prayer little or small, that it carries no less and no more power but the same with the faith and welcoming of the Holy Spirit in prayer!!! Lord I thank you for the power you have given me, for showing me how this tool works that you have so lovingly gifted us all with, We love you Lord and we are so ever grateful for your grace and love. In Jesus Name AMEN!!!

Well my brothers and sisters I wish you the best with this weekend ahead for the journey starts now for those of you that have never had this experience and thoseof you that has had it but been reminded tonight by our Lord Jesus Christ how precious and very powerful prayer truly is once more :)

Have a blessed weekend.. Please try share your stories with us on this group it truly is so inspiring, uplifting and mostly it brings baby Christians to higher levels aswel as unbeliever get curious and we want all God's children gathered :)

God bless xox

Also (Jesus) told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not to turn coward (faint, lose heart and give up) *Luke 18:1*

Up to this time you have not asked a (single) in My Name (as presenting all that I Am); but now ask and keep on asking and you will recieve, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full amd complete. John 16:24-

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