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Do you make your problems bigger then God?

This question seems simple but it is quite interesting if you take a minute to think about it… In life when things go a little wrong, when we don’t like where things are going in our lives, the way that we had planned it, the first thing we do is to try and take control of it all with our own power. We put God to the side and we take matters in our own hands…

You sitting there acting self-righteously, saying * I HAVE OR WOULD NEVER* We all have my friend.. But it’s never too late to confess to that and make right where you have wronged with God. Worst part of this action is we take, is when we have just messed up bigger then it was in the first place, we stressed, hurt and caused so much of a bigger problem to work with when all we had to do was give it to Christ.. *ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST* I seem to have firsthand experience in this scenario quite often I regret to say… It’s really easier said than done to be quite frank with you but I think that this time around I have truly had a divine revival on this topic, which I would like to share with you.

In the last month I have had another setback in my life, I have come to notice that the devil knows my weakness all too well *pressure*. When I am pressured I tend to take immediate action instead of saying * Almighty God I put this in Your hands, reveal to me what it is I must do*.  After a terrible back slide from taking immediate action in my time of being pressured, I returned to God with tears that went a long way, sorry that I have hurt Him and sinned so terribly. I repent and felt Jesus was me clean with His precious blood once more, there is literally nothing more amazing then feeling God work within you so mightily. Can I get an Amen!!?

Not long after my repentance, God gave me a very precious gift that’s not only for today or tomorrow.. It’s for life. I dreamt that I was in a house with children that I had to look after, it was a lovely afternoon filled with lots of laughs and a lot of smiles I felt so at peace like nothing in the world could go wrong that afternoon. The next thing I found myself looking outside the window only to find a tornado coming towards the house. I could feel my heart beating crazily, a million thoughts running through my head on what I could do *pressure was my speed bump once more*. I started to move the tables and chairs around so it may out of our way for safety, covering the children, running around for so long that when I had looked again the Tornado was just outside the house in an even worse condition, a fire broke loose at the top of it. Then something came out my mouth that I was completely taken back with I shouted *I break free in Jesus Name!!*. Immediately the house I was in was lifted up into the sky where the Tornado passed underneath.

I woke up being so filled with joy I could not wait to tell everybody about this dream. After I had told the dream a few times to others, I came to realize that what that dream was and what it had meant in my life.. It’s was a true Testimony!! In the beginning I was put under pressure when I saw the Tornado * I am always time pressured* *when my timing is not God’s timing*. I immediately moved tables and chairs around *problems that start in my life, I tend to try and move around with my own power*, covering the children *protecting those that I love with flesh whilst I endure these problems*, the tornado in an even worse condition and breaking out in fire *Me trying to fix the problems until it comes to its worst* Screaming out for Jesus to break me free *Calling Jesus when I had tried all I possibly could and when there were no more options left* When He should have been the first option. Dear brothers and sisters, the devil knows each and every one of our weaknesses, he will use it against you my friend. When these situations arise give it to God, make Him the first option, I know that it is easier said than done, but practice does make perfect. In the end when you are a pro at it you will find that it’s the best thing that you could possibly ever have taken to practice. I am still to fight this battle and would so like any of you to share your victory with us on this page as it will encourage so many that truly need it.


“Lord, we come to you down on our knees, we thank you for Your loving ways, Your grace and precious blessings You put upon our lives. Father God we struggle so much in this flesh here on earth, we tend to think that we can do without You Lord, when all is lost without You. Please forgive us Lord, make us strong minded and reveal to us when it is we are in the wrong, deceived and when we travel our own paths… lead us Lord, I pray that You bless the people in this group as You have blessed me with this precious dream, and the valuable message within it that will go a far way with me. I thank Lord for already showering those blessings upon us Lord, we love You and we worship You. We pray this all in Jesus Name, Amen.”          

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Comment by Immelde Botha on July 21, 2011 at 2:12am
Thank you my sister :) THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT GOD!!! Those who still have not come to realise it are yet to experience true joy :) God bless you x
Comment by Tahlia Smith on July 21, 2011 at 1:40am
Thats such a beauitful blog.! And God can do such amazing things. Im so happy that you know the lord <3

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