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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share a story with you about my cat Bella.

Bella's Miracle

This is Bella.  She is a very special part of my life.  She comes to hockey games, senior home visits and camping trips.  She has a very sweet temperament and is probably the most docile cat you'd ever meet.  Everyone who meets her loves her!  Her story is pretty incredible.

A couple years ago, I was calling Bella in at night.  Instead of seeing her run to the door like usual, I stared out into the dark yard.  I kept calling, and finally started to get worried.  I put on my shoes and went out to look for her.  I walked up and down the street, calling "Bella!".  Finally, I stood there in the street, totally distressed.  I was starting to think I'd lost my kitty.  That's when I heard a little cry, coming from the neighbours house.  I listened and ran to where the noise was coming from.   That is where I found Bella.  I said "oh kitty, why didn't you come in?" and picked her up.  I realized something was wrong as soon as I picked her up.  Her back end was limp. 

I ran her back to the house, called the vet, and my mom and I drove her to animal emergency. 

She had been hit by a car. 

The vets went through a long process trying to save Bella life.  She was submitted to surgery, because her hips had been broken in 3 places.  Her chances of making it were slim.  I was heartbroken, and I prayed hard. I wasn't ready to lose Bella.  There was no way my family could pay for Bella's surgery.  I prayed for a way, and was given a gift that I could never repay.  A special family friend announced that she was going to pay the vet bill - all of it. 

Bella underwent the long surgery after being transferred to another hospital.  It was a long night for me.  I finally learned that Bella had made it through the surgery.

I can't describe how relieved I was in that moment.  We drove to the clinic to visit her the next day, and I was just so thankful that Bella was still here.

The recovery was several months, some spent in "cage rest" with a cone to keep the stitches from being pulled out.  After many medications, plates in her hips, and a long recovery process, Bella was doing great.

Today, you would never guess she had been in an accident.  She can run, jump, and play just like any other cat.  The only telltale sign that it really happened is a small white scar on her back paw. I'm so thankful for Bella, she is a huge blessing in my life.  She taught me that miracles do happen.  

And not just once.

Bella recently was attacked by our very food-oriented dog.  She got too close to Koda in the kitchen when there was food around.  (Now Koda is not allowed in the kitchen or anywhere food is being handled)  This story is a little more gruesome than the first one.  

I found out as my Dad and I were driving home from Safeway.  My dad was talking to my mom on the phone.  When he hung up, he turned to me and said these words: "Bella has been in an accident.. its pretty bad."

We got home, called the vet, and put my cat in her pink carrier.  She was struggling to breath, and there was a lot of blood.  I was prepared for it to be the end.  As we drove, I prayed out loud.  It was the most sincere prayer I have ever prayed in my life. It was rush hour, traffic was crazy busy.  I 

asked that traffic would clear, and it did.  I asked that God's will be done.  We got to the vet, and emergency care began.  Bella needed oxygen, X-rays, and painkillers.  Her eye had to be stitched shut.  We found out that her eye was only thing that appeared to be injured, her breathing as just being affected by the blood.  There was a chance that she would lose the eye. 

The day we opened up the stitches was suspenseful - and had a good ending.  Bella's eye was okay!!

Once we knew Bella would be alright, she got the name "Pirate Kitty". 

Everyone at the vet office loved her to bits.  They almost didn't let her leave when it was time to go home!  

Bella finished up her recovery process from this accident. 

She had so many medications ~ drops, pills, and pastes ~ and just as many bags of treats!  



Her right eye is blind, but she looks pretty much the same as she used to!  I'm just happy she got to keep her eye.  After all Bella's been through, she's still the same loveable kitty I got 6 years ago!  Love you Bella!! <3

I want to thank God, the talented and caring vets, and our family friend for keeping Bella here today! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!  Bella has been a blessing to many lives, and I hope her story will touch your heart. 

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Comment by Princess Luna on August 16, 2015 at 5:28pm

oh my gosh it sounds like I'm not the only one who goes thru this. You see I have a dog named Jenny who at Christmas time a few years ago got attacked by a pit-bull and had to undergo surgery. Just a couple of months ago se was hit by the mail truck and couldn't walk for a couple days but as was saying good bye to her   ( she lives with my nana ) she got up and walked to me.

it's nice to know i'm not the only one who goes thru things like this because I thought I was

Comment by lauryncoby on May 4, 2014 at 5:04am

Such an amazing story. I am glad she got though it. My cat was also hit by a car, unfortunately she didn't make it. At first I was so sad but after I understood why God let her go. Emma (my cat) was 22 when she died and she was in pain as she became old, blind and deaf. Her death was for the best. I am so touched by this story you have posted. 

Comment by Britney Linick on March 9, 2013 at 6:44am

Wow,, this is amazing.

Comment by Amanda Green on March 9, 2013 at 5:26am

This is such a beautiful story! I volunteer at the Animal Rescue League and I see so many animals who's owners just give up or don't care. It is so amazing to see this cat with such a caring and loving family. How easy it would have been for you just to put her down or let her die but you didn't and that is awesome. She is a truly blessed cat.

Comment by Victoria Ahlers on March 8, 2013 at 7:58pm

what a cool story! thanks for sharing. :)

Comment by Hannah Marie DeForrest on March 7, 2013 at 8:14pm

Awesome story!!!!! You cat has been through it!!!!! i had to babysit my teachers cat when I was little and when it was time to take him back, I was the sadest little kid ever!!!!!!!!!! So glad God kept her alive!!!!! That is a symbol of how AMAZING of a healer our God is!!!!!

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