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I walked through a Christian bookshop today and noticed this book amongst many other shocking headings. "What's the least I can believe and still be a Christian?" !!!!!!!!!! WHAT????!!!!!

Romans 1:22,25a,28 :"Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.... They exchanged the truth of God for a lie.... Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not be done."

Titus 1:16a : "They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him."

Romans 10:2 : "I can be a witness for them that they are deeply devoted to God. But their devotion is not based on true knowledge."

I can be a child of the Lord by simply believing "what matters most"? No my friend, it's most certainly not about believing "what matters most", that's missing the whole concept of having a relationship with God! Living and believing that, is missing WHAT MATTERS MOST, missing the most important part of being a child of the Lord! YOU WILL NEVER be a Christian if you don't make a point of building on your relationship with God daily becoming more *knowledgable* about who He is, what He can do, what He's will is for your life, how He guides you to put it in simple, HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. Let me ask you a question, how can you be in a relationship with someone and call them your friend/ wife/ husband/boyfriend/ girlfriend if you only know the least there is to know about them but make it all okay with knowing "what matters most" about them? 

Proverbs 1:7 :The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

Christianity is NOT a title, it's NOT a religion!! It is most definitely NOT a green card to Heaven!! (Galatians 3:11) Being a child of the Lord is to have a relationship with God, it's surrendering yourself to the Holy Spirit! Wanting to know and learn more than the *least* You don't get to limit God in your life by choosing "what matters most" and where it ends to your convenience!!!! Jesus said that His followers must deny themselves (Mark 8:34), It's about surrendering your mind, heart, your body (flesh) and soul, giving the Holy Spirit complete control over your life. Asking God into your life with a true desire of letting go of all who you are on your own, complete submission to the Holy Spirit. God wants you to get to know Him, He wants a relationship with you. God promises that when we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13)

If you are looking at this front cover of the image below and you are asking yourself, "what is this girl on about, their simply telling people saved/unsaved that there are a few things (the least but what matters most) that are important to know for us to be saved and live a godly life". God offers his friendship freely to all, but many people reject this because they think it means "religion". , I'm NOT going to change a thing I have written thus far, because it IS A LIE, there are NO limitations to God and what we need to believe or what is most important to believe. Do I make sense? It's a free will relationship with our Loving father, it is a desire from your heart to want to follow Him and the will He has for your life, there is no mysterious formula to this, its a burning desire in your heart and if you do not have that, reading this book on *what matters most and what is the least you can believe to still be a Christian* You're honestly wasting your time reading it, go back to where you came from or come back with the true desire of wanting to live as a child of the Lord with the burning desire, wanting to know it all and grow in being a child of the Lord, faking your title will NOT get you a green card to Heaven. Don't play with God's grace!

John 8:31-32 : Jesus said, "If you dwell within the revelation I have brought, you are indeed my disciples; you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Collisions 2:8 : See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

Proverbs 2:1-5: My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

Collisions 1:9,10 : ... What we ask God is that through perfect wisdom and spiritual understanding you should reach the fullest knowledge of his will. So you will be able to lead the kind of life which the Lord expects of you, a life acceptable to him in all its aspects; showing the results in all the good actions you do and increasing your knowledge of God.

2 Corinthians 2:14-16 :Thanks be to God who leads us, wherever we are, on Christ's triumphant way and makes our knowledge of him spread throughout the world like a lovely perfume! We Christians have the unmistakable 'scent' of Christ, discernible alike to those who are being saved and to those who are heading to death. To the latter it seems like the deathly smell of doom, to the former it has the refreshing fragrance of life itself.

This world is a battleground. Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:17-19), the world God created has been in conflict with Him (Romans 8:20-22). Satan is called the "god of this world"

I trust that this note has brought some light to you as it has to me, wake up and open your eyes to the world's honey coated lies.

Have a wonderfully blessed day my brothers and sisters. 

God bless

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