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Happy new year everyone!

This is another brilliant year yet to live!


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I'm new to a fully committed relationship with God. Although I accepted him as my savior and have been baptized I never fully surrendered and decided to live my life for him. I was wondering what my next steps should be and also was wondering how do you know god's with you???.


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Cry out to Jesus

To everyone who's lost someone they love, long before it was their time. And you feel like the days you had were not enough, before you had to say goodbye. Cry out to Jesus. 

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I'm Back

Hey God girlies, i have been on a hiatus from this site, well more like a sabbatical. But i'm here now and i will visit more frequently. I am a young woman after the heart of God.

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Happy Holidays and prayer request!

HI Girls!

   ive read a lot of blog post on here than i usually do and ive prayed for them all. So there is prayer coming your way!

 Now a little bit of what's been going on with me, i have been joyful but because of who God is and how he heals us! But i always feel so comforted too when i'm on here as well and its awesome!

I sometimes feel a little lonely though on days where i'm all by myself. God is always with you. He catches your tears and holds your heart. He is a…


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Printing on our hearts


Ok so much like printing on a pillow God prints his love on our hearts. He takes the time to love us, know us, and design us. In that same way I think we print our love in our life. We choose what textures to use like we choose the people in our lives and we print our love and design our lives. God has printed the whole world out and works on the details everyday. He knows the master plan and we are his master… Continue

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Finding Faith

Hey Everyone, I was hoping you could help me find my faith and make it stronger. I really need help! Thank you

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Merry CHRISTmas!

Heyyy everybody!
   Have a merry CHRISTmas! Don't forget the true

meaning of this special time! Oh, and leave a

comment saying what your favorite part of

Christmas is! Mine: Giving to others!

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Why I love Jesus

Big reason he loves me. He knows me. He won't leave me.

I've moved four times Dryden to Winnipeg to Winnipeg to BC.

I remember being so angry at God and feeling so alone and comfort less when I moved to BC like do you even have a plan God? What are you doing? But uh God came through just like he promises and he just loved me and comforted me and just let me know that I was still living a life with a purpose even if couldn't see the bigger picture. :)

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Hello Ladies :).

I come today just to recap on my spiritual journey so far. Last night and this morning I totally took 5 big steps back. In my mind I kept hearing "Stop that!'' ''You know better." but of course I didn`t have the self control to stop what I was doing. I woke up this morning and I prayed to God for mercy and forgiveness.

I also went to my devotional this morning and it talked about being holy like God. I had a hard…


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Today I just wanted to share with you some of the things God has done in my life.

Growing up, I was always having problems with my knees. I went through a growth spurt in elementary and middle school. When I was in middle school, I was playing a game in my afterschool program and I fell and slid into a wall. That was the first time I had seriously hurt my knee, it was swollen and bruised and it hurt for a couple of days so I had to take it easy. Thankfully it was all better before…


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I became selfish and controlling in my relationship with my boyfriend this past week, I said some awful things that I wish it could take back. He is now think about if he wants to continue our relationship. I love his boy, Matthew. He's my best friend and boyfriend going on 3 years in May. Please pray that God comes in to mend the broken pieces so there can be restoration, and forgiveness. I know that all things and be fixed with the power of Christ! Thank you.

Your sister in… Continue

Added by Kelli Mcclain on December 17, 2013 at 10:23pm — 3 Comments

2014 Changes

Hello Ladies, I hope all is well.

As you all know the new year is just around the corner. I want to hear your new year resolutions and what changes you plan/hope to make. Comment below or you can even send me a message, I want to hear everybody`s plans. :) I`ll start by telling you mine.

1.Praying every single morning

2.Reading my devotional every single morning (even when there is no school) and start wrting about how they apply to my everyday life in my…


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I Love You

Every day that God gives you is blessing in itself. Be that as it may, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the sad tragedy that struck the world. Exactly one year ago, first graders life were taken and we still deal with the pain. I want to encourage everybody, to pray for those families, teachers, students, and the city of Newtown. After this happened, my niece would not let me leave the house without saying I love you, giving her a hug, and promising her I would see her after…


Added by Aleyah on December 14, 2013 at 1:51pm — 1 Comment

Shyness is NEVER an excuse for sin.

Hello Ladies :)

I would just like to say that God is truly blessing me through out this journey. I am on day 15 of my devotional God Girl book and I read something this morning and it just had me speechless. This was something I have dealt with from the time I started kindergarten. Today`s devotion was about being shy and ignoring God`s calling. In the book of Exodus (4:10-12) Moses was called by God to speak to the people. Moses questioned God because he was not a very good speaker,…


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Sexual abuse and Cutting

So I have recently made this friend who I have become really rather close with. She completely opened up to me and told me how she has been sexually abused by her mum's boyfriend since she was really young and now she self harms and thinks about suicide. Her mother and sister know what's happening and don't do anything but seem to blame her for it. She blames herself for it as well because when she was a child she was curious about sex and sexual activities and her and her mother's…


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Don`t Let Them Get You Down.

Hello Ladies,  hope all is well.

As you all may know, earlier in November I started myself on my "spiritual journey". Things have been going very well and I have only God to thank for that. I`m not sure if you all have the God Girl Devotional book but I have been reading mine every morning and I came across one today that just touched my heart. I had so much to say about it and I could easily relate to it as well and I wanted to share it with you all.

In the book of Genesis you…


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The whisper


For God is never silent never far and never gives up. Don't let the shouts drown him out guard your heart and listen to him speak to you and listen to his love for you and listen to the life he has planned for you

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Missions trip updates!

So as many of ya'll know I have recently been given the opportunity to go on a missions trip for to weeks to Peru in March of 2014. I have recently just found out we have been approved by Kids Alive. So now heres where the big and stressful things come in. Before we were approved we could not fundraise, the cost of the trip is $2,500.00. We were approved last week and guess what..... I found out I need $1,300.00 by Dec. 12, Crazy, Right? Anyways I know it's all in God's hands but at the…


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Okay so I just had a Starbucks a few hours ago but when i get on God girl and interact with you girls i feel so much comfort in knowing we are loving and encouraging each-other! I LOVE how we are SOLD out for our father he is using each and everyone one of us! WOOHOO GO DAUGHTERS! thank you girls for praying for me since ive been "out of wack" LOVE you all!! …


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