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Draw near to God and He will draw near to you -James 4:8

I've been "drowning".  Peter stepped out into the storm, looked around, and sunk. -Matthew 14:28-33

This biblical storm is my life…


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Just an update sorry I will get back into the swing of things and actually post something useful. Lol. But if u read this I just hope you can maybe kinda relate to it so maybe it will help u. :) again this weeks been hard I've taken a step back from image and just kinda gun into eh mode where I don't want to talk to anyone or do anything I'm still leaning on God but obviously it's still hard ugh life why u so hard?

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Boys boys boys- true and strong

Guys seem to have it all figured out and you can't do anything right. Guys can do anything right? Wrong we need to be equal in our relationships, don't let your partner change your mind about decisions made in the past like how far, girl friends, boyfriends, bible. Stay true and strong to yourself. Honey look I totally get if your the one who would change anything to make someone else happy but you have to know that's me to but I definatley have my quirks I'm not changing. So be true and strong… Continue

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K so I like this guy in my pe class and my English class. But first things first I'm a derp like a huge freaking derp. I talk to Imamate object make strange noises and am the most awkward pooh in the whole world. So you can see my issues. Lol. Anyways very often in Pe my friend will be like op he's looking at you and I'm just like no he's looking at you or in this direction. Funny cause I never think awh yes making progress or anything like that the thing I think is WHY? Wy are u looking at my… Continue

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Expanding our family--please pray!

Hey girls,

My husband and I are thinking of having a baby and would like it if you prayed for us. We have only been trying a few weeks and it's hard to be patient. Especially since our brothers wives are pregnant and several friends. We've been married a year and have thought and prayed about it and think it's time to expand our family one more. Babies are expensive and time consuming and tiring but a blessing still.


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1 Step Forward 5 Steps Back

I go on this journey to strengthen my relationship with God and it feels like I take on big step forward and 5 steps back. I pray, I read my bible and I reflect on my devotions. I have seen so much change in my life since I`ve started on this journey and then today I back slide. I felt so disappointed in myself and I felt that God was to. :( I feel like I just keep starting off good and then back sliding during the day then I have to beg for forgiveness at night when I`m talking to God. Just…


Added by Aleyah on November 21, 2013 at 2:29pm — 8 Comments

Genesis 15:6. FAITH IN GOD

Good morning ladies, I just wanted to share a devotional that I read this morning with you. As I was reading a few points really stuck out to me. In Genesis 15:6, Abram was made righteous in God`s eyes because of his faith in him. When you put belief in God, that is your permission to allow God`s gifts in your life. As a child of God your faith defines you and sets your limits and you will be blessed to the exact degree of your faith. Step back and think about what you believe, is it…


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hi again guys

hi guys. I haven't been on here for awhile but i'm back and cant wait to get to know you guys again. :)


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God`s Message

I woke up and started off great ladies :). I got some new gospel music to listen to and I read my devotional and now I`m ready for school, with an extra 45 minuets to spare. Thank you all for your prayers and continue to pray as I will for you. Today I read in my devotional that sometimes God tells us to do things and we run it through our mind first and you shouldn`t do that. God told noah to build an ark in the middle of the town and he did. No matter what it is God calls you to do, you…


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Boys boys boys- godly man

Godly man, what's that? The still exist? What does that mean for my relationship?

1) intentional the guys should take the risks and let a girl know where he stands.

Intentional: “I’d like to take you out on a date.”

Unintentional: “Wanna hang out sometime? My roommates are all gone this weekend.” See the dif?

2) her heart

You just started dating, and you are sharing “heart” things with each other that you haven’t shared with closest friends and/or… Continue

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Is it weird that i'm intimidated?

So I know this probably sounds weird.. But I am really scared of eternity... I mean I know for sure that I'm going to heaven, and its an amazing feeling knowing that I'll get to be with my amazing savior forever, and I know that heaven is going to be far better than amazing, but the thought of living forever really intimidates me! Of course I am more scared of spending it in hell (even though I know I…


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Ok. This is way out of my comfort zone so to make it easier I have a cup of coffee sitting next to me, fall leaves outside the window beside me and I’m pretending you are sitting here in front of me…one on one…face to face for this conversation.  I do much better in the “one on one” situations than the “throwing my personal life out to the world for anyone to read” situations.  I’m going to share in complete honesty with you because you deserve it and because I have spent my life fighting…


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Book Review (Drama Queens) ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Here is another book I read when I was in Girl`s Ministry. Our leader thought it was a perfect example for the seniors in high school. It`s about these 4 girls who are at the point in their lives where they are going on college tours, applying, taking finals, etc. These girls have been best friends for years but they all have their own situations to deal with along with the journey to college. I don`t want to spoil the entire book but I did want to point out one girl who really stuck out to…


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Prayer SOS

So I've started to wear a little makeup I have all this weeks outfits and hairstyles and makeup planned out. I really just am in a bad place right now just having a hard time dealing with my family and the way I look. So leaning on God has really helped so I'm just gunna continue to lean on him and I would really appreciate prayer. Um yeah there's so much more I wish I could tell you guys but this is gunna have to do. Anyways God knows what's going on with me k talk to you guys later bye.

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Hey Ladies,

As you all may know from looking at my profile page, I absolutely love to sing. As part of my journey, I have taken the steps to getting rid of all the music, shows, videos, clothing, etc. out of my life. After doing that, I realized, I would get bored very quickly and easily revert back to my old ways. I had to be honest with myself about my own personal…


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So Many Ideas

Hey guys.

As some of you may know, I am new to this site and I just wanted to share a little bit of my testimony with you. I grew up in an christian environment but everything about me wasn`t Christ like. I would go to church on Sunday, bible study on Wednesday, I was very active in the ministries in the church but I was mainly just going through the motions. I was doing what I was told to do and what I was taught. I remember getting saved at 8 years old, not really understanding what…


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Me- pretty enough

So it's Saturday again and this week honestly has been hard. I hate this thing where I can't talk to anyone about stuff that's just going on in life. Yes obviously God is there but prayer and talking to God is something I struggle with so it's difficult. Anyways this I'm not pretty enough thing ugh I'm trying to put more effort into looking pretty being attractive. I've never been good at the style or makeup thing and I've never been seen as pretty. No guys think about me period. I'm so… Continue

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Life stuff-spiritual gifts

We all have spiritual gifts, it says so in the bible. Not everyone will have the same gifts obviously other wise the body of Christ would not be able to function.

Picture the most perfect Christmas tree with bunches of awesome wrapped presents. Now picture that same tree if no one ever opened those gifts and they were left they're rotting and covered in dead pine needles. Our spiritual gifts are the same way we need to use them. But if you knew those gifts were there then why… Continue

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My Spiritual Journey Reflection (Week 1)

I started off my morning reading Proverbs 4:14-15.

It says to not step foot on the path of wicked or walk in the way of evil men. Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way. What I got out of it was Everyday I am faced with things that are not of God and I have the option to go with it or walk away. Whether it`s hanging around bad influences, or just as simple as leaving the scene of gossip. I can honestly say that I need to keep this scripture with me at all…


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