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Blog giveaway

Hey Everyone! 

I entered this blog give away and I thought you might be interested. The topic is Fall recipes btw.  :) Here is the link. :) http://aheartsurrendered.com/?tag=hello-autumn-blog-party-and-giveaway

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                      hey im malory as you know and i would like to say that i dont belive in bulling i think we should stop it. ive been bullied my whole llife ive been called ugly a buger picker al…

                      hey im malory as you know and i would like to say that i dont belive in bulling i think we should stop it. ive been bullied my whole llife ive been called ugly a buger picker all kinds of things and it hurt no ive never thought about hurting or killing myself i have to good of a life i have a great family and few great friends,. being bullied reslly does hurt and its something that will always stick with you ive been hurt so amny times through bulling and…


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Just wanted to show u guys a pic I took. :) Please give your opinions. …


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Just a Phone Call Away-Part 1

Alright God Girls, so I know my last couple of blogs didn't really continue like they were supposed to. Let me explain why. Well, one reason was because it was near the end of summer vacations and school was starting up, so I was pretty busy with that. Also, I'll be honest, I was facing what you could call a spiritual low in my life. But lets not worry about all that now. I have a new and exciting blog to write, that should be quite different from my…


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LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT SOMETIMES PAINFUL but no matter how the outcome is jesus cares

here we are young and in love . feels like runnen through a meadow barefoot bluejean crazy . i love you and thats all i know ..i look into your eyes and see uh well i cant explain . i would lay my life down for you ..i wouldnt be the one greeten at the door ill be the one beside you getten greeted .. youll do anything to make sure im safe at all times .your perfect your in my grasp and im not letten gooo ,,,,,,, but then she appears . who is she . you fall for her instaniclly you let me goo ..i… Continue

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Bad week!

I need someone to talk to, this has been an awful week, and I would do anything for someone who is a Christan right about now.. 


Added by sgpianogirl on September 28, 2011 at 7:23pm — 5 Comments

Help me pleasee...

So ive been a christain for a while but Im questioning Alot right now and I really need help

Automatically I thought of God girl

So I really need help...

Ive been thinking about it all and people having been saying

God is a loving God so why would he make hell

And Hell is just to scare people?

So I really need some advice?



Added by Tahlia Smith on September 28, 2011 at 6:50pm — 1 Comment

Random Problem Talk about a guy

Okay, so by writing this I feel Im kinda serious about this guy. He is amazing and I only want the best for him, I want love for him and all the happiness God can give him, but I want to be the one to make him happy too. I really think I might maybe love him.... like for real. Ha I know what infatuation is and it is definitely possible that this is that, but theres nothing I wouldnt do for him. Which brings me to problems, like Im tooooo young ha 15! and I dont even know if I could wait that…


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Life's A Climb, But The View Is Great

In the spring of 2010 my mom was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.  She was going to a lot of doctor appointments, but I thought it was because she hadn't seen a doctor in a long time. She is middle aged, so I thought, you know, since she's getting older then she needed to get some check ups with doctors.

One afternoon after I got home from school, my parents said they wanted to meet in our living room to talk. I said ok, put my things away, and took a seat on the couch across…


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My small group at church needs a new book to work out of. We want something that discusses the man God wants us to be with. If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know! 

The ages are 17-19. 

Added by Christin Williams on September 26, 2011 at 10:32am — 5 Comments

Little letters

This was also not written by me, but what someone else wrote but I wanted to share this with you too. Hope you enjoy. 




If you have the time to read this, please do, if not, then whatever...

I, the creator of this group, am only 16. Recently I have been thinking

 about what to do with my life. People tell me that I have a purpose,
 to succeed greatly, and that i have the…

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Fear and Worry

I didn't write this either, but I love too what this person had to say. It was very good. =)

AMONG ALL THESE FEARS, ONE FEAR OVERSHADOWS ALL THE REST - THE FEAR OF OUR INESCAPABLE APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH AND GOD'S JUDGMENT. The only antidote for this anxiety and ultimately all others, is found in gaining confidence that we are in God's protective care.

1. OFF-LOADING OUR CARES (read Psalm 55:16-23)

Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you. (Psalm…

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Be Still

I didn't actually write this, but I really liked what this person had to say, so I thought I thought I would share it:



My Lord, Is This Your Will?

Sometimes I ask the question,

"My Lord, is this your will?"

It's then I hear you answer me,

"My Precious Child ... Be still."

Sometimes I feel frustrated,

cause I think I know what's best.

It's then I hear you say to me,

"My Busy Child ...…

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A Follow-up from My 1st Blog--the one about my birth story

Psalm 56:3. "When I am afraid; I will trust in you."


Hey guys! So, I have been wanting to write another blog, but wasn't sure what topic to write about. A friend from school said I should write a follow-up blog from my first blog, called Part of My Story. So for those of you that read it, you know a bit about the time before I was born, up until about the first weeks of my life. So, here I am…


Added by Lisi on September 25, 2011 at 4:58pm — 1 Comment

Family (I dont claim them..)

So I really don't know where to start on this blog...I come from a broken family with lots of hatred and open wounds. It didn't always be this way. When I was in 7 grade (Im in 10th now) My parrents were going to get a divorce. My dad always told me and my mom we werent wirht anything and was never there for my brother. He emotionaly abused us. Well long story short, my parents went to counceling and didnt get divorced but there was still lots of anger and brokeeness going on. 2 years after…


Added by Anna BeCourageous Strickland on September 25, 2011 at 2:00pm — 3 Comments

Going to College/University

I feel I should participate in this site more =)


I'm in my last year of high school (pressure, pressure, pressure!) And of course 'next year' is pretty much the hot topic.

I have no idea.

I have been thinking I would like to take a combined Theatre/Music course at a Christian College, but, frankly, The few Christian Universities in Australia don't really have those sort of options.

At first I was just interested in auditioning for NIDA or something like…


Added by Rena Grace on September 25, 2011 at 2:08am — 1 Comment

Life with a Purpose

 Life is full of history, and experience. Full of memories and moments. Some good, some bad. Where time can seem eternal, and others where time seems swift, and couldn’t be long enough. Yet with each of these passing moments of time, it always moves on. Where would life be without time? What would life be like if you could control time, or manipulate it to work your way, on your schedule? The concept seems irrational; there is no human power that can be used to change time or anything in…


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Through my 18 years of life I have learned many important lessons like how to handle a heartbreak, letting friends go, and living the life God wants me to live.  The past couple of days i've been in the state of depression, that might be over exggrageted, but that's how i felt. I get so caught up in this world and wanting to do what everyone else is doing and somehow i forget that God calls us to be different, to stand out from the world, and to let everyone see you as a child of God. The…


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Blessing your enemy??

Yeah that does sound crazy, just reading it. Why on earth would you want to bless your enemy when all that they do is try harm you? I’d like to share with you my wonderful experience, an experience we have ALL encountered and still do daily.


I was employed by a company 3 months ago this month, I have truly been blessed with this new position and I am so very grateful to God. When I started here I had the usual girls that I think you find at any new job that were hard on me,…


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Relationship advice and prayer please

Hi God girls!

So I’ve never blogged on here before, and I don’t use this great site as much as should but I need your help/prayers/advice so please bare with me.

So I’ll share with you my story so you will understand my present dilemma.

I have always grown up in a Christian family, and have always gone to church. However, it wasn’t til I was 15 (I’m now 19) that my hunger for God grew and an amazing relationship with my heavenly father blossomed. I trusted God with… Continue

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