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Im going to be striaght with everyone , i came here for help because a few days ago i cried because everything i believed in hurt to think it wouldnt come true : like me wanting to be come a christian singer i know gods there but like a song i wrote its hard to see in all these shades of gray. im sorry that i seem so conceted i dont mean to and i appolize if i do. im just woundering can any one help me remember who god is?  because i dont wanna lose him forever.

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What breaks my heart is.....  feeling like im not stronge enough on my own

What breaks my heart is.....

 feeling like im not stronge enough on my own


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Every day i wake up and ask what makes me, me so i dont forget who I am .

For the Last few years my cofident  levels have fallen apart and i struggle to find who i am.

Bullys had left my crying in the bathrooms, and making me hurt so bad.

I  see people trying to act like some one else, and i said  "im glad i act like me." but i guess i never did

because this year after making it through my first year of middle school, my cofidents when through the…


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So my parents decided to leave a church and now they want to go back.

after i had made friends and everything, i have been bounced around like a basketball

for so long im tried. sometime the only thing tha keeps me close to GOD is when i write songs…


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Drifting Girl

    I have always been one of Gods Drift Girls (at least that's what I call it.) It is like at one moment I will be having a perfect relationship with the Lord and the next thing I know I've drifted from his loving arms again. It has taken me a while to get back with the Lord, like all relationships you have to build it up again. This go around I have been doing a wonderful job at keeping in touch with the Lord. I'm very proud of myself. I…


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Songs of Songs 1:15

you're BEAUTIFUL:)

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my sister come home from sergrey

Hi people of god!

I was woundering if all of you peope of god please pray for my sister Tracey!

She has been in  Wellington hospital in New Zealnad for a while now becase  she had a sergary at the back of her neck....

 1 week ago there was an earthquake up in Wellington but there was no damage to the hospital!…


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keep me in your prayers

so i'm kinda bum my grandma died last night and i just need prayer for me and my family so please pray for us thanks

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Boyfriend troubles: I need help, please!

You guys.. So I've been dating this guy named Nick for two months now. (Our anniversary was yesterday.) And he is not a Christian. He knows the bible backwards and forwards though and it actually doesn't bother him when I talk about my belief. He'll ask me questions, we'll discuss the message at church that Sunday/Wednesday, and he's a really sweet, and reasonable person.

He told me that he loved me not too long ago, and when I told him that I felt it was too soon for me to say it back, he… Continue

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My journey with God

Hey guys,

I recently have become more one with God.  This past year I was not living for God, and my life was going off track.  Last night I finally began to love God again.  I was writing in my journal and reading my bible, when I just suddenly...literally felt my heart skip a beat.  I could feel his love for me, and it flooded through me.  It made me feel loved!  My question is how do I stay for God, and not start to drift away again?  I don't want to lose my love for Him…


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Getting Discouraged??? This should make you feel better!!

            So, my friend go to church with plays baseball. A few years ago he had injured his arm. He couldn't play baseball for the whole summer, and with him loving baseball he really didn't have anything to do. On facebook he had posted on his status that everything was happening for a reason. He might not like it, but in that he came closer to God. I think that was the whole reason God put him through that.




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Parent (Mom)

Some people don't have their parents in their life

They don't know what a mother's love is like I say mother  

Because my mother is the closest person to me

I can talk to her about anything

She will listen and give my advice…


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Jeremiah 29:11

Hey God girls! I haven't blogged in awhile so I figured it's about time I should start again. So we all know the verse..

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)…


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Hey guys, my younger sister, lexy made it on the all stars softball team which I was super excited for, but as she was sliding she hurt her ankle.we arent sure if its broken or not yet.I would really…

Hey guys, my younger sister, lexy made it on the all stars softball team which I was super excited for, but as she was sliding she hurt her ankle.we arent sure if its broken or not yet.I would really appreciate it if you would keep her in your prayers. She is in a lot of pain. Thanks:-) Continue

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Having Trouble With The Following?...

  Are you having trouble with the following...

1.) Self-harm

2.) Anorexia

3.) Bulimia

4.) Anxiety

5.) BPD

6.) Bipolar Disorder

7.) DBT

8.) Depression

9.) Isolation

10.) Binge Disorder


  If you are and you want someone to talk to (such as friends you make on the website or maybe your looking for professional help? Well good news the women who owns this website and also is on tumblr, youtube, pintrest, ect...…


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Hey Fellow God Girls!

In the fall, I will be attending public high school for the first time and I am really nervous. I am also pretty stressed out with all the work I'm doing. I'm having to re-familiarize myself with math and read A LOT of books for school! I'm really stressed and have been catching myself worrying more than I should! Please help! 

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Hey gals!  God is always thinking about you and he is with you through every hard time! 

Hey gals! 

God is always thinking about you and he is with you through every hard time! 


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My Walk with God-My Testimony-Please READ!!!!

Hi Girls,

I am here to share my testimony with you. I was saved when I was seven. I asked my mom several questions and thought okay, Its worth believing in God so she prayed with me and I was saved. Throughout my life, I would have times where I would really feel close to God and other times not. I really didn't feel close to him until I was in fourth grade though. I had a home church in third grade and I was in their Faith Kidz program Sunday mornings. It wasn't until my mom and I…


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I know that I have... blogged, something similar to this, but I really wanted to put this out.

Today I just watched Hitch with my mom. If anyone hasn't seen this, it is a romantic comedy about a guy named Hitch, who is played by Will Smith, that professionally helps guys to win the girl that they like over. Now he never thought that he would actually fall in love until he met a girl named Sarah. In the end he completely makes a fool of himself just to show her that he loves…


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