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hey guys

Hey guys!!!!! Sorry i haven't been on in a while:( i have been caught up in a lot of stuff. Anyway...... Im moving soon and please prey for me. And also prey for me at my school. This girl has been ignoring me and not talking to me. At the beginning of the year, we were besties. But now she is acting like she hates me;( PLease prey for her and me. THANKS

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family is important no matter what you do.

they are what you need to help you when you are down.

they protect you from danger.

no matter if your white or black you are still apart off your family and god.

even if your a tiger, wolf, and a monkey e.g…


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I am new on this site, but I came here looking for answers and help, so I hope I can get both. 

Though none of you know me, I have to let someone know what is going on. I know this is a site for positive things, right? But, I need to let this out. I am terrified, and no one will listen. I want help, but I can't seem to find the right words to ask for it, so please, help....Please... 

Has anyone ever thought about suicide or cutting, just to prove the people in their life wrong?…


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Serious prayer needed:)

Hay everyone. This is just gonna be a quick one. I've been having these allergic reactions to I don't know what. They're coming more often and each time is worse than the last. My first one was about three yrs ago, so when I was like10. I just had vomiting, a rash, and stomach pain. The second one was a yr ago I think. I had vomiting, a rash, severe stomach pain, n my stomach was messed. This last one happened last night. As I said, they're getting worse n worse. I had bad stomach pain,… Continue

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my crazzy wonderful life. <3 <3 <3

 ok so me and my best friend were talking to day and it was kind of random but we started talking about my best guy friend who will stay un named but he told me a few days ago that him and his girl friend broke up and he knows I like him and he likes me and he has been really weird so I talked to him and he is such a gentale man because he said he was srry for no reason and I told him it was ok and it was the cutes thing but he told me that he don't want to be…


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Lil help please:)

Hay gals. Went to youth last night n feeling really discouraged:( the girls there hate me, and I'm not just being sensitive like everyone noticed, and the guys the don't like me because I didn't give them the physical stuff they asked for... What makes it worse is that they 'nice' to my face but then talk behind my back. Although they're starting to be mean to my face now....

K so like last night we played Mafia right. (Dunno if u know what it is. It's like u have to accuse people of… Continue

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I know I can really trust God

Hi Friends,

So its been a very long time since I was on here! At least it feels that way! Remember that rough spell I was going through a few months back( the issues about my BF- the concerns about our future and our relationship; my brother who was going through a really hard time after a break-up with his GF of 5 years)...do you remember?


Well...good news. Things are really looking up and looking so much more better and the future really looks brighter. My BF…


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Outfit help

Hay girls. I'm going to a 50th birthday party that's set in the1920s. But I have NO Idea what to wear. Please could you guys give me some ideas( within a reasonable price range ). It's on like the 6th of June I think, so it's kinda urgent I get my outfit. Thanks guys!:D

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Trust in Him

Have you guys ever been caught in a moment where you just feel like you're never going to get out? Or like it's the worst day of your life? I've been there... Anyways, one day i was sitting in church, listening to the preacher. I wasn't paying much attention right then but there were a few things he said that caught it. He said,"Times may get tough on you but trust in the Lord, and he will make it better. GOD HAS A PLAN", he…


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No Where to Turn

Please help me. I have no where to go. I am at a bottomless pitt, at the end of the road. I am asking you please help me, please help me get back out and to where I used to be. I know there are problems in this world out of my control and that are way worse than what I am going through. But it semms like I am drowning here, so I am asking you how do you see the light of dawn? It seems like everything is going awry, and everything I plan for ends with strife. Oh could you please help me. Help…


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The Look: Does God really care what I wear? (chapter two)

"Whose Idea was it to wear clothes anyway?"

If you were purchasing clothing from an expensive store, you'd probably look at the label to find out who the designer was.

Our Designer is none other than the Creator of the Universe- God Himself! And He is the One who came up with this whole idea of clothing!

Have you ever wondered why we have…


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I am so lonely right now. I feel like no one is there for me. Even though people are. How do you get out of loneliness.

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The world seems to be falling down around me. I can`t say anything nice, so I take it out on my Mom with Strife. How do I not let these feelings swell up inside? They just come out at random times. I really hope the one person I care a lot about does not see this side of me she hears about. How do I keep happy? I feel like God is punishing me. I miss two days and now I am like this. I just want life to be back to the way it was. Help me please!?

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Lil prayer please:)

Hay guys. Feeling really discouraged right now. My one friend, who I've got a really cool friendship with, is kinda leaving me out. She's a bit boy crazy and I don't like being like that. She used to be like really christian, n we both wanted to be pure for our husbands one day and save everything for him. But shes changed. There's also this other friend of mine who is also rebellious and boy crazy. My really good friend has been meeting up with these boys and I've been trying to guide her in… Continue

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This Summer-Getting Baptized-Please Read

Last summer I had the wonderful experience of my first camp. After that, God told me to start to ponder about getting baptized. I have decided to get baptized at my camp this year. Please pray for me!!!! My camp is two weeks from tomorrow!!!!!

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Run To God?

 Hey everyone I've been going through a really tough time and I was wondering if maybe you guys could give me some advice?

  Well as I said things havent been going well, there has been a couple family issues, self image issues, and the list goes on and on but in my last blog post (Blank Spot) one of the things I needed help with was the "do you feel like theres something missing?" Well I think I found one of my many answers to find, that would be "God" I'm missing God in my life. I…


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a little testimony

When you don't follow God's plan for your life. it can end bad, depressing, and sad. you can feel pain in the inside and empty. I feel that way now. After talking to my crush who lives miles away for 4 years (he knew the Lord) but fell away. I would still have my quiet time, and even try to get him to read with me. It didn't work. I wanted him to know the Lord full hearted, live for Him. I wanted him to pray with me, read with me and understand how much love I have for not just the Lord but…


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Becoming the Woman You were Meant to Be- Part 2

Moses wasn't a very bold person. He was more on the quiet side and he stuttered too. You wouldn't expect God to pick someone like that to go tell the Pharaoh to free all his laves, would you.  Well God did just that. 

When God first told Moses his plan for him in Exodus 3:1-12, Moses practically said, "hey, God, you've got the wrong guy. I can't do this job. I won't do it right!" A lot of the time we might feel this way when we feel God calling us to do something. I know I did when…


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Topic Request Article from my blog

Okay, so I asked whoever was reading the post (scroll way down to see it, it's the next article) to post a comment on a topic they would like written about. And here is the first topic, posted by Hope Ellison:

"Is it okay to read romance novels or fashion magazines, is it okay for Christians or is it filling our minds with things that are unrealistic (or unwholesome)?"

      This question about reading romance novels and fashion magazines is not only thought much…


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Be Sober and Vigilant!

Peter 5:8-10 says, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you." (KJV)

     Now, this passage starts…


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