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As some of you may know from reading my profile, I've moved A LOT. Every time since I can remember I didn't like it, but it was all a part of something bigger down the road. My move from Iowa to Colorado was allowed for me to find true friends, to learn about sharing God's word, but ultimately to show me just how strong I could be. I was truly tested and my life fell apart. So our move to Kentucky just seemed like the icing on the cake (in a bad way). But it turned out that the move to…


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Been gone for so long

Hey everyone! I feel a little bad since I haven't been on for a long time and there's so much I'd like to share with u all. God has been very busy in my life and has taught me many things about love and relationships. God brought this guy into my life and now it seems he just won't leave my thoughts. He's different from the guys I use to date. He is Christian which is what the other guys weren't. Another thing is that there isn't anything that tells me that it's a bad idea to pursue this… Continue

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Hi girls!!!! Im back

Hi my beloved sisters in Christ,

I have been gone from the site for a while, and Im finally back!!!!!!!!! How have you been? Since I got baptized last summer, Ive been a different person. My prayer life is way different. God has taught me how to pray for you girls even when I don't know whats going on. I used to have to know whats happening in a persons life in order to pray, now I can pray without knowing anything. I hope you girls are doing well!!!!


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Winter Retreat!

Hello ladies! I am headed off to Camp Barakel Winter Retreat! Wish me and my you group a safe journey, along with ll the staff and other youth groups. Please pray that us teens will really get something out of this retreat! And that we can keep at building our Radical Relationship with Christ! 

Love, Your Sister in Christ "A"

"Be still and Know that I AM GOD"

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I just bought a GodGirl Devotion! I am so excited and CANNOT wait!

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Prayer Request!

1 Chronicles 16:11

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.…


Added by Mara on January 7, 2014 at 8:33pm — 1 Comment

Goals? Atheist friends? What should I do

Hey girly girls! This video is just some how to step on how to achieve the fitness goals. And also to help set goals for the rest of your life. Now what she says on eliminating neg people and things from your life, From a Christian point of view this is difficult one if your setting a goal to read more of the bible and all your friends are atheists. This has been a bit of a struggle for me. I love my atheist friends but yes this can be hard. So just love on them you don't have to say God bless… Continue

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Hello everyone:) 

I don't know about you but I am involved with a lot of outside activities. Band, BOH, Drama Club, Goodwinds, ext. And I realize how many leaders, aren't really doing there job. "Leadership is an action not a position." so next time you are in that Leadership role, just remember It's what you do as a leader/follower that reflects yourself and who you are, its your actions that make you a leader and not your Title. Try to Glorify God in…


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Sin and our thoughts.

Some of us think when it comes to God's word that because of his grace, or great kindness, we are free to break the rules because his grace is relentless and he'll forgive us for it all, so why worry about it? This kind of thinking goes like this: "I really want to do this sinful thing, and since it's too hard to say no, I'm just gonna do it and then ask for forgiveness later." God's grace isn't cheap, and it's not meant to be abused or used as a loophole to sin. The truth about God's grace…


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hey girls! i just wanted to write a encourging blog post about having exema. for many people that might read this exema is a skin rash that can come out in many different forms, its not spreadable. i have exema and i have struggled with it for many years i would cry myself to sleep over it thinking no guy would love me because i didnt always have beautiful arms and legs. i go through days where my skin looks great! and i praise god for it. and when my skin is looking bad i just keep praising…


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I still find broken pieces, but I know I have experienced such healing. I trust You unwaveringly, yet have to surrender to You daily. I want nothing more than YOUR will, but I stumble and get lost in my own at times. I know who I am in You and that I'm Yours... But sometimes I have to fight the uncertainty of my worth and if I'm good enough. I am certain that everything I need is found in You; even still, I'm humbled when I reach to the wrong source for fulfillment. My desire is for You more… Continue

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It's a New Year, an exciting new year! Who isn't excited to start a brand new year full of fun?

I love starting off new years by praying, praying that this year will bring fun, adventure, and many unique christian friends! So take a minute to pray :)

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