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My 4 month old cousin

Hey God girls!

I have a major prayer request for anyone who reads this. My baby cousin Ford was just diagnosed with a disease that is like really fatal. They said that he could have 2 types, but that he probubly has type one which means he won't live past 2 years old. My family is having a really hard time with this and there is really nothing we can so but pray, pray, pray. Please just keep them in your prayers!! Here are their names:

Dad: Scott

Mom: Kayla



Added by Della Grace Henderson on January 30, 2011 at 7:11pm — 4 Comments


:-(  My uncle has been in the hospital for about six  years, he had a rare brain injury that only happens to approx three people in Canada every year, he has a wife who divorced him because of this condition and he has two kids and he can't even remember who they are, who I am or who my other cousin is.  Please pray for healing.

Added by Sarah Beaerah on January 30, 2011 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Sticks and stones,

May break my bones,

But words will never hurt me.


Banks and loans,

May take my home,

But in debt I'll never be.


The Lord of all,

May come and call,

But His help I'll never need.


The Son of God,

May turn and nod,

But I can pay my fee.

Added by Sarah Snyder on January 28, 2011 at 11:23pm — No Comments

Enough to be thankful for

Think to all the times in the day you say thanks. The time where you were upset and your friend gives you a hug. When your mum lets you have the last ice cream.

So...how often do you thank God? While your friend gave you a hug, your heavenly father sent his own son to die for you so that you'd never be without his love. Your mum gave you icecream, God gave you eternal life.

And yet I like many others often forget to tell God 'thanks'. And when…


Added by Madeleine Anne Green on January 27, 2011 at 12:57am — No Comments

Wanna Swing?

Dear Child,

Wanna swing?
I'll push you.
I'll be at the end of the slide ready to catch you.
I will lift you up so you can reach the monkey bars...
Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you and catch you when you fall...
Because there will be times throughout your…

Added by Kristen Groff on January 26, 2011 at 7:15pm — 4 Comments


Save me, please,

I'm falling away,

I can't find a grip,

As darkness swallows day.


Where are you now?

As I fight the night,

It pulls ; It pushes,

And fills me with fright.


All at once a hand grips mine,

A man pulls me through,

Then He's falling; falling,

And I realize-- He's you. 


Tears wash over me,

And fill my heart with pain,

Father, I see it now,

Your loss was…


Added by Sarah Snyder on January 26, 2011 at 5:26pm — 4 Comments

Call a Professional

So, today I'm going to use a case-study approach to what God put on my heart.

Let's say you're driving somewhere and your car breaks down. You're stranded, because there is just no way that your car will start again. So you get out and open your bonnet to check what's wrong. You reckon that you'd probably be able to see if something is broken. The steam coming off your engine is almost overwhelming - but you have a vague idea of what's wrong. At least you weren't on the open road! You… Continue

Added by Alessandri Pascoal on January 25, 2011 at 11:51am — 1 Comment

please pray for me

i will keep this short because im sure none of you want to read a long story, but my boyfriend might have to move an hour away from me because of custody issues. both of us really dont want this to happen because we love each other very much. today and tomorrow he is working things out with his parents. can you please pray that things go okay? i really dont want to lose him, we both promised that we will stay together no matter what happens, but it will be hard to see him hardly at all. also,… Continue

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Prayer has power...

Dear brothers and sisters, today I would like to share with you a testimony that I had experienced today, a prayer... not just any prayer, a prayer that changed my life forever!!!

My church made a list for us to fill our names into, a time set so that we may pray out loud with a partner for an hour, and every hour there will be a prayer said... My boyfriends mum and I have been sharing God with one another since the day we met *I am blessed* and I had told her…

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:41am — 1 Comment

Whats the catch??

Yesterday, today, tomorrow the same!!! Can I get an Amen!!!

My brothers and sisters Our dear Lord Jesus is soooo amazing!!! Today I would like to ask you “what’s the catch?!!” and How much we take for granted.

Yes I am talking to you, and you and yes you too (the one sitting there thinking I read the Bible and pray everyday) But do you give thanks everyday? Do you actually sit down and pray to say thank you more or do you sit down in desperate need more often to ask God for… Continue

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:40am — No Comments

Being fanatic??

Today I would like to write about being fanatic about our Lord…

I have had people telling me that I am too “hectic with God, that I am “too much”. The first time that I heard that I started questioning myself silently, I started wondering why it is I have, the second time around I started wondering why it is that people did not understand why it is I am so fanatic for our Lord Jesus Christ, the last time around I prayed that they would experience the fire of…

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:39am — No Comments

The question...

Sometimes we as humans ask questions to come across so intelligent, to draw attention, to be found interesting or even to break others believes. In my case it was my believe, I love sharing our loving Jesus with everybody that I possibly have the opportunity with, I tend to go into discussing God with people these days without any intention for He is my EVRYTHING now. I have had two people ask me a question that even took my mind to a standstill. It should never have gone that far, for I… Continue

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:38am — No Comments

Why did Jesus fold the napkin??

Revelation !!

Today's food for thought.....

Why Did Jesus Fold the Napkin?

Why did Jesus fold the linen burial cloth after His resurrection? I


noticed this....

The Gospel of John (20:7) tells us that the napkin, which was placed


the face of Jesus, was not just thrown aside like the grave clothes.

The Bible takes an entire verse to tell us that the napkin was neatly

folded, and was placed separate from the grave… Continue

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:37am — 2 Comments

One way Jesus...

Dear brothers and sisters, something that we seem to forget, something that we do not take note to often enough something that we have to learn more then we really should on a daily basis on a very hard note.

We all have situations to deal with on a daily basis, first thing we do is to try and work out how “we” could solve it. We end up being lucky to solve it for the time being only its never really solved. I think you all know what it is I am getting at. God should be your very… Continue

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:35am — No Comments

Others can, you may not....

Life leaves us in such confused emotions, it leaves us in such dark places, in such states to a point where our minds cannot find understanding, life surprises us with such unexpected journeys, it takes us to places we never saw ourselves in our plan we had laid out, or even the dreams we saw ahead for ourselves. Have you found yourself in this situation recently or in a past experience? What is the answer to this? What is the right thing to do? How do we know that our choice is the right… Continue

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:34am — No Comments

Who are you to judge??

Something I have been experiencing this year ever since this group has become a big part of my life. I have been watched, I have been judged by the mistakes I have made and I have learned something that will only make me wiser and much stronger in my walk with God.

My dear brothers and sisters if this is something you have been experiencing then look for the answer no further for I have had God speak to me more then once. I believe that we have all made mistakes in our lives that we… Continue

Added by Immelde Botha on January 24, 2011 at 2:33am — No Comments

The world will hate you...

I am alive for our Lord Jesus Christ, nothing and absolutely no one could change that. How many people have you heard say that line? How many do you know that have stayed with their word?

Yes, I am a perfect example of this very question. My dear brothers and sisters I have travelled this road more then once, I am not very proud to say it out loud but then I also know that there is a lot of people out there that are so unaware, that I could give light to by the mistakes I have made.… Continue

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God's secret treasury...

(gerhard van der hoven tells the story)

One afternoon some 18 years ago in a city called George on the Western Cape of South Africa, I was walking down one of the streets, passing by some shops, when something caught my eye in one of the windows. It was a beautiful gold watch, very unusual with a very special wrist band, the entire piece was just beautiful. As I looked, the owner of the store saw me looking through the window and invited me in, he had me try the watch on and went on… Continue

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Ad Divine vistiation..

(Gerhard van der Hoven tells the story)

In 1993 I had one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life, at that stage of my life, I was so hungry for God, He was busy preparing us for that which He would come and do in time to come and was revealing Himself in very unusual and power ways. My heart was on Fire with His Fire and it was a flame that no man, devil or circumstance could subdue. during this incredible time of personal revival with the Lord I was praying in our… Continue

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